Area: 2,756 km²
Population: 132,925
Capital: Ashtarak
Unemployment: 11.8 %
Per Capita GDP:
GDP change 2015-2017:

AUA Offices

AUA Open Education Yerevan
Office hours: 09:00-17:45
Address: 40 Baghramyan St.
Phone: 060 612706
Email: [email protected]



Smart and sustainable agriculture with ecotourism and extreme tourism.


INDUSTRIES: Mining, manufacturing, chemical industry, manufacture of rubber and plastic and jewelry products.

NGO: 34

EDUCATION: 294 schools

NATURAL RESOURCES: The rivers of Kasagh, Gegharot and Amberd are the main water resources in the province

DESTINATIONS: mountain lake of Kari, Byurakan Observatory, Mount Aragats, The Abaran Battle Memorial and the Armenian Alphabet Park, Aragats Alpine Sanctuary, Sagmosavank monastery, Amberd


STRENGTHS: Favorable for development of both plant growing (grain, potatoes, perennial grass, forage crops) and cattle breeding

WEAKNESS: Unemployment rate, farmlands occupied by grains and dry seeds

OPPORTUNITIES: Greenhouse economies, winter sports, processing enterprises (factories of conserves and beverages), combination of production, winemaking and tourism, Archaeological, gastronomic, winemaking, mountaineering, winter and ethnic tourism directions.

THREATS: Workforce development