The American University of Armenia (AUA) Open Education in collaboration with the College of  Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) implements the EEC Afterschool English Program.

Back in 2005, to meet the growing interest of the younger generation in learning English, the Center for Research in Applied Linguistics (CRAL) at AUA CHSS designed and started offering English courses for students aged 6-16. This marked the beginning of the EEC Afterschool English program which has since yielded impressive results.

The EEC program offers English courses to all schoolchildren interested in learning English and improving their language skills. The program's mission is to provide student-centered quality education with the use of interactive and innovative teaching methods in the classroom.

The program works in four terms: fall, winter, spring, and summer. The registration takes place prior to the start of each term. A certificate is awarded upon full course completion, identifying the participant’s proficiency level. To learn more about each level and textbooks, please click the link below.

You can purchase the books from Manmar (9 Ghazar Parpetsi st., Yerevan), Artbridge (Baghramyan 40, Yerevan), and Pghik (Mashtots 14-1) bookstores. Please note that On Point books are available only at Artbridge and Pghik bookstores.


Additional information will be provided about the start of the Winter Term registration.

Registrations for the Fall Term of the EEC Afterschool English Program of the Open Education Center of the American University of Armenia (AUA) ended on August 20. Classes for the fall phase will begin on September 18 and end on November 24.The program will be held in the new building of the AUA Najarian Center. To find the center easily, you may watch the short clip below or familiarize yourself with the map.

Please find below the fees:


True Beginner - Pre-Intermediate levels included

30.000 AMD


The total class duration for one term, from True Beginner to Pre-Intermediate levels included, is 20 hours.

*Discounts apply for Alumni and second or third child from the same family. In this case, it is 28.000 AMD


Intermediate - Advanced levels

54.000 AMD


The total class duration for one term, from Intermediate to Advanced levels included, is 40 hours.

*Discounts apply for Alumni and second or third child from the same family. In this case, it is 52.000 AMD

Classes are conducted offline. To complete your application, you need to enter your account at

Should you have any questions, please contact us via email: [email protected]