Product Design Fundamentals

About the course:
This course will discuss User Experience (UX) as a whole. It will look into the history of the industry, its principles, how it is different from UI (user interface), human-centered design, design thinking strategy and best practices. The course will also discuss how to make sure the UX of a product and its branding work harmoniously. It will also include what product managers and owners who are not UX designers should know in order to be able to asses the quality of the design done. The training is designed to take 16 hours; it includes visual materials, case studies, discussions, exercises and Q&A sessions. The language of the instruction is English and Armenian.

Course objectives:
At the end of the course, participants will have a clear understanding of UX, UI and what needs to be considered when creating an application or product to make it user friendly, useful and successful. It will help participants to be able to communicate better with the UX designers in their teams and make better educated decisions that involve design direction.



Besides the benefits outlined above that are specific to your background, you will gain the following:

  • Knowledge of the history of the industry.
  • The difference between UX and UI
  • Knowledge of Design Thinking theory and process
  • Knowledge of Human Centered Design (HCD) practices
  • An understanding of where correct design decisions come from
  • An understanding of how branding affects and is affected by the user experience of the product.
  • An overview of trends and best practices.
  • What to look for when making product decisions on a product level.

Who is this course for?
This course is for individuals who are interested in starting their career in the field of user experience and user interface design as well as professionals in the IT industry who want to have a better understanding of the design process of a product or service. The course will allow participants to acquire an understanding of the industry, its methodologies and processes and how to go about designing a product or experience by following user centered industry standards.

Start Date: October 10, 2023

Registration Deadline: October 10, 2023

Duration: 16 hours

Course fee: 58.000 AMD

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