Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®)

Why the CFA Program Is Right for You
As an aspiring or practicing investment professional, you need the knowledge and skills to thrive in a highly competitive industry. The CFA Program is designed to equip you with the kind of expertise and real-world skills in investment analysis that will help you advance your career. Whether you are a practicing investment professional, a student, switching careers or looking to start a career in this field, the CFA Program offers a way to move forward and achieve your professional goals.

What Is a CFA Charter?
A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) charter is a designation given to those who have completed the CFA® Program and completed acceptable work experience requirements.
The CFA Program is a three-part exam that tests the fundamentals of investment tools, valuing assets, portfolio management, and wealth planning. The CFA Program is typically completed by those with backgrounds in finance, accounting, economics, or business. CFA charter-holders earn the right to use the CFA designation after program completion, application, and acceptance by CFA Institute. CFA charter-holders are qualified to work in senior and executive positions in investment management, risk management, asset management, and more.

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CFA Exam Length
– 30 minutes allotted to pledge, tutorial, and survey
– 135 minutes for session 1
– 30 minutes for optional break
– 135 minutes for session 2
– Total testing time is 4.5 hours
– Total appointment time is 5.5 hours

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