Marketing Fundamentals

Elevate Your Business to the Next Level

About the course

This course provides a practical and actionable plan and tools for marketing businesses. The steps described in this course are specifically crafted to teach businesses to have an understanding of how they need to present their business online and offline and how it can help them to get more customers and more sales. 

The specific focus will be on current-day digital marketing media, i.e., social media marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, content marketing, AI, email marketing, and CRM, and on the effective methods of how to use them. A portion of the course will be devoted to building a specific marketing structure in their business that brings in a constant stream of potential clients and turns them into real and returning customers. 

 Who is this course for?

The course offers valuable benefits for various individuals and professionals, including:

  • Business owners or managers who wish to promote their products and services through modern marketing tools and platforms
  • Marketing managers and specialists who wish to learn to do marketing in a more effective manner
  • Individuals from the private and public sectors who manage their company’s or organization’s marketing efforts
  • The course will also be useful for individuals who do not have prior marketing knowledge and wish to learn marketing skills.


Learning Objectives

By enrolling in this course, students will gain the following valuable insights and skills:

  • Understanding of the marketing process and the concept of the marketing funnel and how it fits the needs of your company; understanding how the marketing of small companies is different from marketing of big corporations;
  • Identifying who your target market is and who your ideal customers are;
  • Defining how you are different from your competitors; why should they buy from you and not from your competitors; the concept of Unique Selling Proposition and crafting marketing messages that sell; 
  • How to reach your target markets using digital marketing tools. Intro to digital marketing (SEO, SMM, mobile applications, content marketing, use of CRM and other digital tools)
  • How to create a marketing structure in your business that brings a constant stream of potential customers and turns them into paying customers
  • How to retain customers and increase sales; how to create a tribe of loyal fans.

Start Date: October 16, 2023

Duration: 24 hours, 12 sessions

Course Fee: 69,000 AMD

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