Advanced Speaking English

About the course:
This course is provided to prepare learners to practice what they learn in General English courses. While General English courses develop all language skills, the main focus of these courses is student-centered speaking. The goal is to provide students with a constructive and safe English-speaking environment where they can express themselves, freely and without inhibition, instilling in them a degree of confidence when communicating outside the classroom in various settings.

Learning objectives:
In this course you will:

  • Improve your fluency
  • Increase ease of expression
  • Expand your vocabulary and improve pronunciation
  • Obtain techniques to cope with stumbling blocks during conversation
  • Practice idiomatic and expressive natural English
  • Learn how to reduce the influence of your native language
  • Be exposed to native English language
  • Increase recognition of sounds and their meanings in English
  • Improve comprehension of authentic spoken English
  • Become attuned to speed, tempo, and pace of native speakers

Who should attend this course?

This course is designed for students who have a good command of English and aim to improve their individual speaking skills one step toward an advanced level.


Completion of General English Courses (Levels 5-6) is a prerequisite for enrollment in the Advanced Speaking English class.

Note: A placement test is required if you have not attended English courses at AUA Open Education. Applicants must attain a minimum proficiency level of 5 or 6 on the Open Education's English Placement test.

Placement tests are administered every Wednesday at 4:00 PM at the American University of Armenia. 

Placement test fee: 2,100 AMD

Advance registration is required through

*Please note that placement test times may differ in our regional centers. Get in touch with the regional center for more info. Contact them here.

Placement test fee: 2,100 AMD

Start Date: Sep 4, 2023

Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Duration: 30 hours - 15 sessions

Mode: Offline

Instructor:  Vigen Vartevanian

Course fee: 68,000 AMD

*The price of the course and the schedule for Open Education's regional centers differs. Please contact the regional center for the details.

Here is the Guide to online registration.
Follow the steps to register for the course.

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