Area: 1,242 km²
Population: 265,770
Capital: Hrazdan
Unemployment: 4.8 %
Per Capita GDP:
GDP change 2015-2017:

AUA Offices

AUA Open Education Yerevan
Office hours: 09:00-17:45
Address: 40 Baghramyan St.
Phone: 060 612706
Email: [email protected]



Sustainable Farming


INDUSTRIES: Winery, brandy factories

NGO: 25

EDUCATION: 124 schools

NATURAL RESOURCES: The Vordan Karmir Sanctuary

DESTINATIONS: Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Zvartnots cathedral, Saint Hripsime Church


STRENGTHS: Low level of migration, favorable climate for agriculture, recycling organizations, Recognition of agricultural products, collaboration between regional stakeholders: regional authorities, NGOs & media

WEAKNESS: Migration of the youth, high level of extreme poverty, aging population and low level of birth rate, scarcity of green areas, possible risks with nuclear power plants

OPPORTUNITIES: Tourism, agriculture: farming and cattle-breeding, fish farming.

THREATS: Incompliance of the education and work market, Agriculture as a leading area and dependence of the region on traditional agriculture, Scarcity of natural resources & their mismanagement. Abrupt climate changes ,Climate challenges and risks, weak tendencies for development of the tourism.