Area: 2,090 km²
Population: 260,367
Capital: Artashat
Unemployment: 51.9 %
Per Capita GDP:
GDP change 2015-2017:

AUA Offices

AUA Open Education Yerevan
Office hours: 09:00-17:45
Address: 40 Baghramyan St.
Phone: 060 612706
Email: [email protected]



Ecotourism & Agro-tourism.


INDUSTRIES: Sheep and crop farming, food and wine production, advanced manufacturing, construction, healthcare, retail and tourism.

NGO: 15

EDUCATION: 112 schools

NATURAL RESOURCES: Soil, water & vegetation

DESTINATIONS: Khor Virap, Saint Gregory Cathedral, .Ancient Dvin, Aghjots Vank, Mount Kotuts of the Urts mountain range, Khosrov Forest Reserve


STRENGTHS: Agriculture and fish production.

WEAKNESS: An enabling environment for the implementation of sustainable forest management practices.

OPPORTUNITIES: Improvements in the investment climate and governance, starting with market contestability and financial inclusion, as well as the interaction between the private and public sectors. transform structurally, create jobs, and support inclusive spatial development.

THREATS: Rivers for hydropower generation, and cooling water for nuclear and thermal power plants.