The given course is designed to explore the speech techniques, strategies and devices for making an impact on the target audience and gaining consensus. It gives a thorough understanding of the peculiarities of language implementation in the sphere of political communication. It provides participants with the theoretical basis and practical skills to identify relevant speech strategies in political discourse, and skills to structure speeches using the aforementioned techniques. The training is designed to take 18 hours; it includes video materials, case studies, debates, quizzes, role play and teamwork. The language of instruction is English.
The course includes lively and engaging discussions. It focuses on vivid  examples of manipulative gimmicks as well as strategic  techniques that have proved to be successful in political text and talk. At the end of the course, participants will have a clear idea of how to  structure a speech and to verbally influence the target audience. This will be useful to participants practising and/or interested in political science because they can directly apply their knowledge in speech writing, image making and public speaking. Also, it will develop and raise awareness of the logical fallacies that may occur in communication.

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