For most tourism and hospitality courses, tourism marketing is a required module or core subject, yet despite this obvious interest there are few recent texts that deal with tourism and hospitality marketing on a global scale. Marketing is a subject of vital concern in tourism because it is the principal management influence that can be brought to bear on the size and behavior of this major global market. The main sectors of the tourism industry – travel organizers, destination organizations, transportation and various product suppliers – combine to manage visitors’ demands through a range of marketing influences.

Tourism marketing also has an important and increasing international dimension. In our globalizing world, people, places and countries are increasingly interdependent. Countries once considered inaccessible to tourists because of geographical, cultural and political barriers are now not only becoming accessible – their very remoteness makes them an attractive choice for travel today. This globalization of tourism has cultural, political and economic dimensions, and these are important considerations for tourism marketers.

All of these issues intertwined with current marketing and branding developments in the world will be explored during this course, giving you solid real life examples on the way.

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